Putting the personal back into personal finances.

Our white label mobile and web personal financial manager application allows end users to connect all their bank accounts for complete financial control. Allowing customers to see all their spending information, as well as set and manage financial goals from your application. Becoming the home for all your customers’ financial needs.

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Account Aggregation

With EziPFM, customers will be able to see all their bank accounts in one place, giving them complete oversight on their spending habits. Letting you become the single source of truth for your customers financial information.

Fully Customisable

Transaction Categorisation

Let your customers know where they spend their hard earned money with financial transaction categorisation. Through EziPFM, your customers will be able to better see where they spend their money across all their accounts.

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Integrate with Anything

Goals and Budgets

EziPFM allows users to quickly and easily set goals and budgets. Whether they are following a spend, splurge, save budgeting strategy or saving for a specific goal – such as a holiday.

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Spending Dashboard

Combining account aggregation, transactional categorisation and goals and budgets with our artificial intelligence engine creates an accurate spending dashboard.