Now anyone can launch a mobile banking app with a few clicks of a button.

Our white label web and mobile banking application, EziWallet, comes connected with all the core banking functionalities out of the box. EziWallet allows for easy design customisation. Allowing you to launch a web and mobile banking application that matches your brand identity with a few clicks of a button.

Get Started

Customer friendly signup experience

No need to go to a branch or speak to a service team member to set up account. Customers can sign up with a few clicks, guided through a simple and easy to use account creation experience. Powered by our eziID and eziDATA modules.

Fully Customisable

Account management at your fingertips

EziWallet allows your customers to manage their bank account directly through the application, such as transferring funds or paying someone. It even allows customers to aggregate all their bank accounts through your application.

Fully Customisable

Pay your bills quick with a click

Customers can manage and pay all their bills through the EziWallet application. From any account they hold within the platform. Our dynamic account allows customers to pay all their bills from whichever account they want at a click of a button.

Fully Customisable

Card Management

Lost your card? No worries. With EziWallet, customers can manage their all their cards in one place. Request a new card, place one on hold, change a pin or update the card security settings, customers do all this and more with EziWallet.

Fully Customisable

Loans Management

Powered by eziDATA, EziWallet allows customers to fetch all their loan data and manage it in one place. Giving them a consolidated view of their financial position and repayment requirements.

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Integrate with Anything

Personal Financial Management Tool (Lite)

EziWallet includes a lite version of EziPFM. Giving customers the ability to monitor and better manage their financial situation. With the lite version, customers will have access to account aggregation and data categorisation.

Scale at Speed

Customer Profile

As you would expect, EziWallet also includes the general application and user management. Letting customers input their necessary details, opt in for push notifications and implement their desired security process, including fingerprint and face ID.

Fully Customisable


While offering your customers a web or mobile banking solution will improve the customer experience, why they actually bank with you is for the financial services you provide. EziWallet lets you keep your customers updated with your latest offers.

Fully Customisable

Tap & Pay

EziWallet comes built in with Tap & Pay functionality within its mobile app. Letting customers pay for items using their smartphone’s NFC (Near Field Communications) technology.